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November 27, 2019

  1. Grandma says:

    You put all my thoughts and feelings into words.
    My granddaughter thrives at Melody Lane. Melody Lane supports all the values of life I believe in. Melody Lane supports and acknowledges their students as the grow and accept these values. This is not to say that ML is a piece of cake environment. On the contrary, every member of ML is expected: to take care of themselves,
    Learn from their elders, teach and take care of those members younger than them.
    The “bigs “ are taught to teach and mentors. The “ middles” are expected to learn and role model the things the elders teach and exemplify,
    The littles are to depend on the guidance of the middles and learn how to be gracious and deserving student.
    It is the trickle down effect.
    It starts with teachers and staff. The elders listen, learn and teach. The middles look up to and learn from the teachers, staff and elders.
    The littles are tutored by the middles. What better way to learn than to emulate your heroes and pass it on to those who look up yo you!!!
    I can’t say enough praise about the responsibility ML takes upon themselves to be a part in each participants journey in success in life!!!!

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