From audition-only singing groups to beginning classes open to all, Melody Lane has everything to offer your student so they get the most out of their singing lessons. With performance opportunities and group practices, we nurture students and encourage them to grow confident in their voice.

Singing Lessons

Melody Lane Choir

Melody Lane Choir is a class that perform as a group but focus on each individuals growth in tonality, rhythm, music theory and vocal health. Melody Lane Choir will have multiple opportunities during the season to perform as well as being featured in the end of the year showcase.

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Melody Lane Singers Company

Melody Lane Singers Company is a traveling youth vocal performance troupe. Singers Company Members have the opportunity to improve vocally and to gain unique performance experiences. In this group, members will have many chances to bond with their peers in common musical goals. 

Performers wishing to join Melody Lane Singers Company must audition. 

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For Ages 7+ 


Interested in investing in your child's performing arts education? Here is a breakdown of how we structure the initial membership investment, annual membership, tuition installments, and Showcase costumes.

Membership Investment (due at time of enrollment)
  • Annual Membership Fee: Classic or VIP, collected at time of enrollment for the 22-23 season. 
  • Non-Refundable Tuition Deposit: this is your last installment (June 2023) as a deposit, there are no tuition installments collected in June 2023. 
  • First Tuition Installment: prorated if start date is not first week of any given month.
  • Class Pack: Items performers need for class, that stay with performer and go home each week.
  • Dress Code Items: Upon enrolling an appointment will be arranged for you to visit the Sparkle Store to get sized for dress code and to purchase. You also have the option to pre-purchase a dress code bundle when enrolling for a 10% discount.
Monthly Tuition Installments
  • Tuition is based on a 37 weeks of service. This 37 week season is scheduled around breaks/holidays that span 11 months (Aug-June). The total cost of 37 weeks of class is divided into 11 equal installments Aug-June.
  • After your Initial Membership Investment you will be charged your monthly tuition installments on the 1st of each month. Remember, no tuition installment is due for June 2023! 
  • If you should choose to cancel your membership, a Membership Cancellation Form must be submitted before the 15th of the month to avoid being charged for the tuition installment of the upcoming month.
Annual Membership
  • Annual Membership will be renewed and annual fees will be charged for the 23-24 season on April 14th 2023.
  • The Membership Cancellation Form must be completed, in full, and returned by Wednesday April 5, 2023 to avoid being charged the annual rollover membership fee.

Costumes (due by October 1st OR 2 weeks from first day of class)
  • Classes not performing in Showcase June 2023
  1. Acro & Flexibility (both levels)
  2. Performance Jazz/Tap (both levels)
  3. All Performance Companies (uniforms are required but are separate from costumes)
  4. Private lessons
  • Showcase (our version of a recital) will be sometime between June 4th-10th, 2023. With a rehearsal for each show and normally 2 show nights during the week. Most performers only perform in 1 show depending on their class load and level. Showcase participation is optional.
  • Costumes are $127+tax and payment is due in full by October 1st OR 2 weeks from the first day of class.
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