From audition-only singing groups to beginning classes open to all, Melody Lane has everything to offer your student so they get the most out of their singing lessons. With performance opportunities and group practices, we nurture students and encourage them to grow confident in their voice.

Singing Lessons

Melody Lane Choir

Melody Lane Choir is a class that perform as a group but focus on each individuals growth in tonality, rhythm, music theory and vocal health. Melody Lane Choir will have multiple opportunities during the season to perform as well as being featured in the end of the year showcase.

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Melody Lane Singers Company

Melody Lane Singers Company is a traveling youth vocal performance troupe. Singers Company Members have the opportunity to improve vocally and to gain unique performance experiences. In this group, members will have many chances to bond with their peers in common musical goals. 

Performers wishing to join Melody Lane Singers Company must audition. 

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For Ages 7+ 


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