We love educating children and teens so they can be well-rounded contributors to our community. At Melody Lane, it’s about the life lessons as much as the performance skills.

To learn more about the dancing, singing, and drama courses we offer at Melody Lane, please get in touch or check out our FAQ section below.

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We welcome performers of all ages, as long as they’re standing!

Yes, of course! We have a boys only hip hop class and we welcome all genders into our other dance classes!

When you and your performer visit the studio, let us know it’s your first visit. We’ll sign you up for a  trial class that is a custom fit to your performers age and interest. After your trial class, you will need to sign up for a membership or pay the per-class fee depending on the class.

While Melody Lane is a non-competitive studio, we believe in cultivating and educating well-rounded performers. 

We’re the only triple-threat studio in the Yakima valley offering dancing, singing, and drama lessons with a track record of nearly 40 years in business. 

Yes, of course! Our office is open Monday-Thursday 11:00 am-6:30 pm. You can come in anytime to see the facility! We often recommend stopping by before 4 pm so you can speak to our enrollment coordinator.

Yes, we offer a free trial class custom to your performers age and interest! Once we determine what class your child would fit into best, we’ll set you up with a class schedule so your child can try the class or classes for free!

We offer automatic payment so you don't have to worry about it every month. On the first the monthly the installment amount is auto drafted.

Melody Lane is the only triple-threat studio in Yakima! We offer Dance classes, Musical Theatre classes, Drama classes, Choir classes, Melody Lane Singers Company, and Private voice, guitar, ukulele, or piano lessons! 

  We would have to start them in a beginning or intermediate level class. While they may be older that the rest of the class, with hard work they can advance fairly quickly. Your other option is to have your performer take private dance or singing lessons from one of our instructors to get them to the level they desire.